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*Prices posted on site are subject to change, please contact JamSum for update price list.

Family, Children, Engagement Photography
We have many packages to choose from for your family, children, engagement photography. Click for price list.

Senior Photography
We have different package prices for your senior photos. Click for price list.

Wedding Photography
We have different packages to meet your wedding photography needs. Contact us for a Quote Price.

Events Photography
Do you have an event coming up? Contact us today to get a quote on event photography. All images will come on a CD.

Team Photography
A form is giving to the teams to allow the parents to order photos.

Business Photography
Do you need photography for PR, Marketing and/or Social Media/Websites. Contact us today for a quoted price.

Website Photography
Contact us to get a quoted price for website photography. Especially if you and/or business is having a site created by JamSum Media & Design.